Search Engine Optimization

Easy to customize

Goal Clicks takes the risk out of Internet Marketing. We have SEO Packages that start with no money down and no monthly payments until you reach Page One of Goggle. We provide for a free website with all of our SEO Company Packages. Packages start at $59 per month and include many features.

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SEO Ready    Websites

Easy To Own

Nobody wants to spend $2,500 on a new website and have the process take two months, something we hear all the time. Our ownership program allow you to have a professional website with very little money out of pocket. Our program is a month to month program which gives you full ownership of the website after just 24 payments.

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Online Reputation Management

All Industries

Proscript Media has developed thousands of websites over the years, we started back in March 2009.  Regardless of the industry your in we are sure to deliver a unbeatable website that will place your business in the top of its league.  It’s a competitive world out there and you better look like your the champion in your field.

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Why choose Goal Clicks??

Iron Clad Guarantee to see page one results, if not we receive no monthly SEO fees:
  • Sixty Second Commercials

    SEO takes a lot of work and having a video placement on page one of Google goes a long way. If you want something new and unique this may be the answer.

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  • Online Reputation Management

    Don’t have a current web address? No problem, when you sign up for our Website Ownership program there is no cost for a new personalized URL …

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  • Google Maps & Places

    Local, local, local. Local search is more important today than ever before. Ever wonder how to get placed in Google Places? We will Guarantee Google Places submission and placement with any of our SEO Packages. Google now returns Maps and Places for most search inquires in most industries. The more Google evolves, the more local in nature it becomes.

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  • Google Paid Advertising

    Want to compliment your SEO package with PPC?  We can manage your paid advertising program through Google and have you appear on page one for hundreds of keywords over night your prospective clients may be searching for. Let our team of professional Adword consultants get results that will blow your mind.

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