SEO Company Asks, Got Website

Don’t have a Website Yet? Sometimes (not often) I find myself at a loss of words. When I hear a potential client mention they have no website I cringe. The other thing that makes me crazy is when a client has a website and seems to be proud if the website comes up on page […]

A Real SEO Pay for Performance Model!

Release May 29th 2011 Title: SEO Pay for performance model | SEO & Escrow? Posting Blog: Goal Clicks Published by: Alan Palange So what do you do? You can call the absolute leader in the field, but how do you really determine who they are? One way is to ask for real references, those clients […]

Keyword, Keyword Phrases? What’s it all really mean?

Release May 28th 2011 Title: Keyword Research | Keyword Application | Client Acquisition Posting Blog: Goal Clicks Published by: Alan Palange There is much said about keywords and keyword phrases, and the research behind selecting the proper application of them. As most of you know from reading my postings I believe strongly in keeping it […]